Inside the Green Room with Danny Green: Raptors big man Jonas Valanciunas

Welcome to “Inside the Green Room with Danny Green,” a Yahoo Sports podcast and video series hosted by Toronto Raptors forward Danny Green and Harrison Sanford. 

On this episode
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    • Danny breaks down Toronto’s big come-from-behind victory over the Pacers and fighting through injuries.

    • Harrison and Danny revisit the Great Milk Bag Scandal of 2018 and the reaction they’ve received from the fans.

    • Jonas Valanciunas addresses the elephant in the room — his busted thumb, what happened in the aftermath of the injury and his plan to get Draymond Green to sign his cast.

    The Raptors’ have missed Jonas Valanciunas’s presence in the paint.
    The Raptors’ have missed Jonas Valanciunas’s presence in the paint.
    • Danny and Jonas discuss why some players decide to sit on the bench when injured while others remain in the locker room.

    • Jonas and Danny talk about their big win over Golden State and how they felt about the Warriors’ post-game comments.

    • Jonas talks about the evolution of bigs in the modern NBA and how Danny has started to add more of a post game to his arsenal.

    • Jonas talks about missing the upcoming matchup against 76ers centre and what kind of trash talk goes on when they face off.

    •  Danny and Jonas discuss the technicals they’ve racked up this season and Nick Nurse calling out the referees.

    • Jonas and Danny answer questions from the mailbag, including JV’s favourite Raptors memory, the best part of being a father, how they feel about being left off the Christmas Day schedule, the best gifts they’ve received and the notorious Drake-Kawhi photo (which Danny was cropped out of).

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