Inside the Green Room with Danny Green: NYC street ball legend God Shammgod

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Welcome to “Inside the Green Room with Danny Green,” a Yahoo Sports podcast and video series hosted by Toronto Raptors forward Danny Green and Harrison Sanford. 

Even if you’ve never heard the name God Shammgod, you’ve certainly seen his work.

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Like here. Or here. Or here. Or on any black top across the world.

Shammgod put his stamp on the basketball world with his legendary crossover move, but there’s more to his story than a single ankle-breaker — as devastating as it is. Shammgod’s basketball journey started on the courts of New York but had stops in the NCAA, NBA and China before he turned his focus to coaching.

Now a player development coach with the Dallas Mavericks, Shammgod dropped by the Inside the Green Room podcast recently to discuss his unique story.


God Shammgod is a New York street ball legend. (Getty)
God Shammgod is a New York street ball legend. (Getty)
On this episode
  • Shammgod talks about the “alpha male” mentality engrained in basketball players from New York.

  • His experience competing in one of the most star-studded All-American Games of all time.

  • You can’t get an artist on a podcast and not talk about his most famous piece of work, so of course “The Shammgod” is a topic of conversation.

  • And with that, what it’s like being honoured by players in the NBA replicating his devastating move.

  • Shammgod discusses what it means to be “New York famous.”

  • Shammgod and Danny discuss the many ways the NBA has adopted a New York style of basketball.

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