'Insanely dangerous' 'AGT' act goes completely wrong — and Mel B walks off set

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On America’s Got Talent, Demian Aditya returned for an act that Tyra Banks described as “just insanely dangerous.” Aditya had himself handcuffed and put in a wooden box, which was nailed shut and suspended over three flaming spikes. The box was suspended by a rope that was placed over a blowtorch flame. He had only seconds before the box would fall onto the spikes, “annihilating anything or anyone inside of it.”

But fans of the show might remember Aditya as the guy who wasn’t actually buried alive in his last act, so despite the box and the ropes and the blowtorch and the flaming spikes, there was a sneaking suspicion that he probably wasn’t in that box. And when the rope burned and the box fell, but not onto the flaming spikes, the judges were confused.  Mel B was finding the suspense to be a bit of a snoozefest, so she hit her buzzer — giving Aditya his first X.

When Aditya did show up — behind the judges, waving a fire extinguisher — he earned his next X from Simon CowellCowell got quite descriptive of his act, saying, “I kind of think it was like Mel B’s wedding night. A lot of anticipation; not much promise or delivery.” Mel B was not a fan of this joke, so she threw her water at Cowell and walked off the set. “Mel B is out,” said Banks. While the act quite didn’t go quite as planned, it certainly made for great live television.

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