Influencer shares 'amazing' amenity that comes with $2,000 1st-class seat: 'Absolutely unnecessary'

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An influencer shared what it’s like to fly for seven hours first class on an Emirates flight — one of the best first-class options available.

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Will, who goes by @will.luxurytravel on Instagram and runs the Trek Trendy YouTube account, has the very enviable job of being a luxury travel reviewer. He’s been on a $75 million Gulfstream, a private jet and a hot air balloon — to name a few forms of luxury transportation.

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But his most recent Instagram upload highlights some of the crazier, more over-the-top amenities included in an Emirates first-class ticket. For this flight, Will traveled seven hours from Bangkok to Dubai. A one-way ticket for this trip specifically is around $2,000 to $3,000, according to Google Flights.

“I have my own private seat, which has auto-closed doors,” Will narrates in the video. “The best bit, though, is having my own shower. Currently, the only way to shower is at 40,000 feet.”

That’s right — in addition to having a private suite with enough space to comfortably sleep for the entirety of the trip, you can also take a shower.

Commenters seemed stunned by the idea of showering aboard a flight and the amount of space available in a first-class seat.

“The shower pressure is better than that found in most British homes!” one person joked.

“This is absolutely amazing, but it’s absolutely unnecessary in my opinion,” another said.

Even with the water pressure, Will mentioned in a comment that this wasn’t his favorite first-class experience. In response to someone who asked him to pick one without worrying about money, he said that Emirates Game Changer on the Boeing 777 is the best.

That first-class setup includes pajamas, Bulgari skin care and personal temperature and lighting controls.

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