'Inability to defend crosses' - your biggest gripes of the season

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We asked you what the most irritating thing at your club has been this season, whether it be inconsistency, injuries or a player failing to deliver.

Here are some of your replies:

Michael: The fact that the team have been unable to hold on to winning positions, losing 28 points in the process. Also, the very poor recruitment of new players during the close season - players who have either been injured or unwell, and have performed extraordinarily badly. A head coach who cannot motivate. A very disappointing season all round.

Noah: Brentford's inability to defend crosses. We sit back and invite crosses but are woefully inept when it comes to dealing with them, especially the full-backs in the absence of Hickey and Henry.

Tim: I love him to bits, but Thomas Frank increasingly leaves his substitutions way too late to affect the game. He appears too reliant on second-raters like Frank the Tank [Onyeka] instead of giving the youngsters a go. If they never play, we'll never know if they're any good.

Ben: Injuries. Pretty clear that the football schedule has been far too intense over the past two years. Injuries have hurt lots of teams, but for smaller clubs running on smaller budgets (and actually obeying FFP rules), an increase in injuries can be devastating.

Kev: Injury really. I know all teams get them, but so many... for so long. Hope we can stay up and have a crack at the Premier League next season with fewer injuries.