Ina Garten Adds Pecorino Cheese To Scrambled Eggs For An Italian Twist

Ina Garten with cheese, scrambled eggs
Ina Garten with cheese, scrambled eggs - Static Media/Shutterstock/Getty

Eggs are both nutritious and easy on the pocketbook when it comes to planning weekly meals to feed a crowd. Not to mention, they are really versatile. Some people use ricotta cheese for the absolute creamiest scrambled eggs a mouth can experience while others believe cottage cheese unlocks the most velvety scrambled eggs. Not to give each of those cheeses their day in the sun, because they are both lovely additions to this meal, but if you want to give this dish an Italian twist, it's time to borrow from Ina Garten's playbook and add a little pecorino cheese to your scrambled eggs.

Eggs are among Garten's favorite go-to foods and when the Barefoot Contessa appeared on "The Drew Barrymore Show," the celebrity chef shared her recipe for easy cacio e pepe scrambled eggs. What does pecorino cheese add to eggs? This sheep's milk cheese, which is aged anywhere from three to 12 months, is salty with a really sharp tang that adds a pop of flavor in a way that few other cheeses can. When you add pecorino romano cheese to scrambled eggs, it creates an umami flavor that complements the creamy elements of this dish.

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Parmesan Also Works Well

Scrambled eggs on toast
Scrambled eggs on toast - Farknot Architect/Shutterstock

Garten's cheese selection for her scrambled eggs is a perfect starting point for experimenting. If the saltiness of pecorino cheese is too overwhelming for salt-sensitive taste buds, you could half the amount of pecorino cheese and use parmesan to cut the punchy, savory flavor. Parmesan is made with cow's milk and has a less salty taste. It will definitely tame the pecorino, but still give you a lovely, creamy bite. However, regardless of your cheese combo, you need approximately 2.5 teaspoons of cheese per egg, so plan accordingly.

Garten pairs her cacio e pepe eggs with a piece of toast but noted a slice of tomato works well too. The sweetness of a sliver of this red fruit complements the savory notes of the pecorino, while its acidity cuts the richness of the scrambled egg. That said, if you are a fan of avocado toast, these scrambled eggs would taste lovely atop a mound of mashed avocado, adding a creamy component to your meal that gives you a full range of flavors and textures to experience.

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