Iceberg 4 times the size of Manhattan breaks off Antarctic glacier

Alex Lasker,

An iceberg 4 times the size of the island of Manhattan has broken off West Antarctica's Pine Island Glacier, the fastest melting glacier on the continent.

Stef Lhermitte, a satellite observation specialist at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands, took to Twitter on Saturday share a photo depicting the alarming event.

Lhermitte said that the 100-square-mile glacier marked the 5th largest glacial calving event since 2000, comparing it to a 2015 incident where a nearly 225-square-mile iceberg broke away from the same glacier. reports that Pine Island Glacier loses 45 billion tons of its ice each year, which amounts to a 1-millimeter rise in global sea levels every eight years.

It is estimated that the glacier could contribute a substantial 1.7 feet to global sea levels if it melted entirely.

However, if the entire West Antarctic Ice Sheet were to collapse, it would cause a staggering 10-foot sea level rise, causing large portions of southern states like Florida and Louisiana to sustain catastrophic flood damage.

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