Ice-T and Coco’s daughter kills it at beer pong—and the internet has thoughts

Ice-T gets star on Hollywood walk of fame with Coco and Chanel.
Coco Austin/Instagram

Ice-T and Coco Austin are ready to send their daughter to college! I mean, their daughter is 8. But she has the essential skills already. Earlier this month, Austin posted a hilarious video of little Chanel playing beer pong with her parents and impressively sinking four shots in a row, something many co-eds can’t pull off. The kid has a bright, fun future ahead of her, if you ask me.

In the video, Chanel stands with some of her parents’ friends at the foot of the beer pong table, while her mom films from behind the plastic cups arranged in a pyramid at the other end. The adults laugh and high-five Chanel as she lines up her shots and tosses her ping pong balls — and sinks them, four in a row, like it’s nothing.

“How is this possible?” Austin asks from behind the camera. “I can’t even get one.”

She adds to her beaming daughter, “No one can beat you in a drinking game. They will lose!”

Austin captioned the video, “Chanel’s hidden talent apparently” with the hashtag #she’sgotskills.

The video is fun and innocent — Chanel is just having a good time with her parents, because we have to assume that they aren’t giving any alcohol to their 8-year-old. But in the comments, people had a lot to say. And they seem to think that because Ice-T and Austin let their daughter participate with the adults (something kids love and always want to do) and pretend to play a drinking game, they’re pretty much the worst parents on planet Earth.

“If normal everyday parents were to do this with their children and post it to their social media account you can bet social services would be there in a hot second to take their children away from the parents,” wrote one commenter who really needs to get a grip.

Another, who should probably take a look in the mirror instead of judging other people this hard, wrote, “Gotta love parenting today…… Like how about we advertise how much alcohol we consume with all the bottles in the background nothing to be proud of as a parent sorry.”

But this comment takes the cake: “I have no idea why my daughter turned out to be an alcoholic slut. People wonder why their kids turn out the way they do. Smh.”

Did you really just write that about an 8-year-old? I am begging you, log off and touch some grass.

Thankfully, there were also normal people in the comments who see this for what it is: harmless fun.

“She is throwing a ball in a cup get over it people,” one wrote.

Another added, “Why? Why? There’s nothing wrong with this. You legit are speaking like there’s alcohol in these glasses. Like really come on.”

And one commenter pointed out what’s actually wrong with them teaching her these skills: “If you take her to the fair she will come back with 10 fish.”
As far as we’re concerned, Ice-T and Coco can keep on keeping on. This looked like a fun night with family and friends, and Chanel clearly had a blast.