Icahn’s recommendation, DOJ argues over AT&T deal, Harley looking for partner

Here’s a look at some of the companies the Yahoo Finance team will be watching for you today.

A new challenge today to Cigna’s plan to purchase Express Scripts. Activist investor Carl Icahn is sending an open letter to shareholders urging them to vote no on the $60B deal. Icahn holds about a $250M stake in Cigna and says the insurer is “dramatically overpaying” for the drug benefits manager.

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The Trump administration is laying out its case to undo AT&T’s purchase of Time Warner. In an appeals court filing the Justice Department says a trial judge ignored quote “economics and common sense” in letting the acquisition go through. The judge ruled the government hadn’t made its case. AT&T’s lawyer says “appeals aren’t do overs”.

Harley Davidson has its sights set on India. A top executive tells Reuters, the motorcycle maker is looking for a partner to help manufacture lightweight bikes for India and other Asian markets. Harley VP Marc McAllister says they hope those lighter-weight motorcycles act as a bridge to bring more foreign buyers to the Harley brand.

Tesla is looking to hire in China. The company has started posting jobs for its yet-to-be built Shanghai factory. Among the listings: a new designer and senior finance manager. Elon Musk has said the new factory will cost around $2B. Once completed, Tesla expects to make up to half-a-billion vehicles there.

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