Hybrid Ferrari prototype suggests another electrified model besides SF90

Joel Stocksdale

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Even though its first hybrid, the LaFerrari, was launched several years ago, Ferrari is still new to the hybrid game. That's why the Ferrari SF90 Stradale plug-in hybrid was such a big deal. Well, that and the fact it's the company's most powerful car yet. It looks like Ferrari isn't stopping with a flagship supercar, at least based on the hybrid prototype in these spy shots.

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We know it's a hybrid because it has big yellow high-voltage signs around the car. And since the SF90 has been fully revealed, and we have seen more production-ready SF90 prototypes in the past, we doubt this is an SF90 mule. That raises the interesting fact that this prototype is clearly wearing 488 GTB bodywork, not even the updated F8 Tributo body. While the old body is strange, it does give us an idea that this is an F8-size car that could easily slot in below SF90.

If it does slot in below the SF90, there's a good chance it could be the first Ferrari to use the rumored V6 hybrid powertrain. That engine on its own is said to make 610 horsepower, and combined with electric assistance could make over 700 horsepower. That would fit very comfortably below the SF90's over 900 ponies. We're curious if the system would include both or just one of the front electric motors the SF90 uses to give the car all-wheel drive.

This seems like a very early prototype, so it could be a couple of years before we see the production version of this hybrid Ferrari.

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