Husband’s hilarious snow message about wife’s baking marathon goes viral

man shoveling snow - husband's snow message

As evidenced by all the sourdough aficionados who emerged when the pandemic began, we’ve learned that as a society, being isolated and stuck inside our homes can lead to new hobbies being tested and nurtured. It also indicates that we’re all willing to binge watch anything on Netflix. Remember Tiger King? I almost forgot about it, like it was a magnificently insane fever dream, which, honestly? It kind of was. What a time to be alive.

But now, with no Tiger King around, folks all over the U.S. are stuck in their homes because of the arctic blast of cold weather and snow storms. And one man who was hunkered down with his wife and three kids during a snowstorm for three days needed to ask to be saved from his wife and her new hobby by writing in the snow, “Help. Wife Won’t Stop Baking.”

Her husband’s message was all in good fun and made her laugh, and she appreciated the humor so much she posted it on Reddit in r/Baking, and it went viral.

Her home chef endeavor wasn’t just sourdough bread, it was five types of bread. And his wife wasn’t only going wild with a newly-bought bread machine, but she made chocolate cookies, pimento cheese, slaw dressing, and five types of bread, according to her own comments under her photo.

“Trapped in the house due to snow, on my seventh variety of baked goods in 24 hours and husband writes this by the road,” u/a-light-at-the-end’s caption read.

Baking and cooking is a much different way than how u/a-light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel chose to pass time trapped inside during Covid lockdown. During the pandemic, she—like many of us—turned to alcohol to cope.

“I said it in another comment, but I wish I had done more to better myself during Covid. I was an alcoholic and didn’t do anything worthwhile. I’ve been sober almost 3 years now and it’s interesting what I get into to keep my hands busy—but thank the Lord it’s never alcohol.”

As someone who also got sober after Covid, us former alcoholics tend to try a lot of new hobbies when figuring out who we are, and ways to keep our hands busy.

Thankfully, u/a-light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel’s husband is super supportive, and is always encouraging her to explore her new interests and hobbies, no matter what his snow message says.

“He puts up with every phase I go through, whether it’s my sunflowers, my art, my cooking. Whenever I get really excited about something he encourages it like no other! He is my biggest fan, and he knew [this message in the snow] would make me laugh. He definitely would never complain about me spending a lot of time in the kitchen… in fact he went out with the kids in the snow so I could stay in where it’s warm! Just had to brag on him a bit,” she commented, to ensure nobody thought her husband was seriously mad about delicious baked goods coming his way.

I’m looking forward to scrolling through my social media feeds again and seeing all the new hobbies people are trying out while stuck in their homes due to weather. Now if only I could convince my husband to take up baking…