Husband dubbed ‘true life partner’ for supporting his wife while up all night with the baby

A father’s way of supporting his wife is going viral on Reddit.

A baby monitor captured the moment a dad showed up for his wife in the middle of the night. The video was posted on Reddit’s “Made Me Smile” forum with the user saying, “this is a true life partner.” It racked up over 94,000 upvotes.

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In the video, the mom was consoling their baby. She had them cradled in her arms while she sat upright in bed. It looked exhausting and uncomfortable. The father got up. He tried to comfort his wife and child by sharing more of the blanket with them. Then he got up, wiped his eyes and sat back-to-back with his wife. The relief on her face was immediate. She finally had someone to lean on.

Redditors praised the father for being considerate.

“I felt the relief there. High chance she didn’t lean against the headboard because she may have fallen asleep,” a user said.

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“I literally just did this the other day for my wife. Even with a pillow on top of the lap we still end up slouching and we found this to be a comfortable setup while we talked,” someone commented.

“Oh! So that’s what you’re supposed to do? I suck,” another lamented.

“I can feel the back relief from that. What a king,” a person added.

“My husband does this and so much more for our kids and for me,” a Redditor wrote.

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