Houston Rockets dancer surprised with marriage proposal during stunt

A member of the Houston Rockets dance team was stunned Friday night when she was proposed to by her boyfriend during an in-game promotional stunt. (YouTube)

When a member of the Houston Rockets dance team was blindfolded during a break in the team’s game on Friday, she thought she was about to be posterized by the team mascot. Instead, she got engaged, which, one would have to assume, is better than getting dunked on by a giant stuffed bear.

When Casey, the dance team member and new bride-to-be, was blindfolded Friday during a break in play in Houston’s game against Detroit, she was told she was a prop in a stunt dunk by the Rockets mascot. Instead, her husband Travis, a member of the U.S. Air Force, walked out onto the court and met his future wife in the key.

As the blindfold was removed and her future husband was on one knee, Casey was so stunned by the turn of events that she tripped over the poorly placed floor mat behind her. In the least surprising development of the night, she said yes.

The Rockets dropped this one 114-109 to the Pistons, but at least two people walked out of the Toyota Center winners.