Homeowner taken aback by friend’s ‘crazy’ rental request: ‘It is a horrible idea’

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A woman is reluctant to rent her house out to a friend for fear that they might destroy it.

She asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum for help. She is thinking of selling or renting her home. Her friend Anna and her family want to rent the home. But the Reddit poster has her reasons for being reluctant to let the family occupy the house.

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“I (25F) bought my own home a couple of years ago,” she wrote. “I had saved up since high school, was able to find a couple of good first time home buyer deals, and am super super proud of my first solo little home. It’s an adorable 3 bed, 1 bath cottage in a very much up and coming area in my town.”

“Recently, I was transferred by my job to another state, meaning I’d either need to sell or rent. I discussed these options with a friend, Anna (30F). I am leaning more towards renting, and told her as much. Anna asked at that point if I would consider renting to her and her family. The issue is: Anna has a stay at home husband and a small child at home. And they are absolute hoarders.”

Anna kept pressing the Reddit poster about renting the home.

“They do not believe in cleaning up messes their daughter makes as it’s ‘just her making memories’,” she explained. “Her husband is too anxious to clean during the day, and she works too hard and cannot clean as it’s triggering to her (a lot of negative childhood memories come up). They have two cats, a turtle, and she also expressed that they would get a dog if I allow them to move in. I know the cats have issues with peeing everywhere.”

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“I said that I would think about it, but Anna kept asking. I tried to play it off by saying that I wasn’t sure if she could afford it, however she knows the mortgage and offered to pay a few hundred over a month (about $900-$1000 for her which I do know is still a stretch). I said I was leaning towards selling it potentially, and she accused me of lying because I don’t want her to rent it. She begged me to tell her the truth so that she could fix whatever the issue was. I told her finally that I was worried about how well she’d treat the home. She flew into an episode at that point. She said it wasn’t fair and it isn’t their fault that they’re messy. She said I was discriminating against her because of her mental health.”

Redditors felt she had every right to deny her friend’s housing request.

“Do not feel bad about not wanting to rent to a friend. It is a HORRIBLE idea,” a person wrote.

“Tell her you don’t do business with friends or family,” a user said.

“She is already acting pushy, entitled, irresponsible, manipulative, and crazy!” another commented.

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