Holmes Lilley Discusses Leveraging Technology to Achieve Business Growth

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NEWPORT BEACH, CA / ACCESSWIRE / November 2, 2020 / In a recent article with TMCnet.com, accomplished attorney and entrepreneur Holmes Lilley shared insights on the importance of leveraging technology in order to grow a business.

Holmes Lilley founded the Newport Beach-based law firm, Employer Defense Group, LLP in 2017, for which he remains a partner. He is also a highly respected general counsel for both public and private companies throughout the country .

In the article, Mr. Lilley expressed that while running a business can be very challenging, modern-day technology has also made it easier than ever before.

Through a variety of software tools and applications that entrepreneurs can readily access , businesses can swiftly achieve increased brand exposure, better customer support, and improved human resource management.

For increased brand exposure, Holmes Lilley explained how social media has also been proven to drive more sales and conversions than traditional styles of marketing.

"There are numerous social media analytics tools out there that can help you understand how your audience is engaging with your content and which types of posts are resonating with your target demographic the most," said Lilley.

"You also have the ability to tailor marketing campaigns to specific segments of the population. This allows you to create something most relevant to that group, which in turn, leads to more traffic and sales."

To provide better customer support, Holmes Lilley encourages businesses to apply AI technology through the use of a "chatbot" on their website and on social media platforms.

"If the bot is able to answer the question, then you've just helped your customer right away. And if not, the bot will let them know that they will hear from a customer service representative shortly," said Lilley.

But ultimately, in order to successfully leverage technology and achieve growth, businesses must invest the time and resources to educate themselves and their team on how to effectively use each piece of technology in order to reap all the rewards and achieve success.

As well, Holmes Lilley expressed that businesses must keep up to date with any further developments in the software industry, to stay on-trend, and be aware of any future tools that could support their growth.

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About Holmes Lilley

Based in Southern California, Holmes Lilley founded the law firm of Employer Defense Group, LLP in 2017 and he is an accomplished General Counsel. He has worked with both public and private companies, with a proven record of leadership, strong legal counsel, and business acumen. His primary areas of expertise include workers' compensation, wage and hour class action litigation management, commercial transactions, corporate governance, compliance, litigation management, mergers and acquisitions, law firm and legal department management.


Holmes Lilley

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