Hollyoaks confirms another arrest for Charlie Dean

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Charlie Dean is set to be in handcuffs again as his criminal activity catches up with him in Hollyoaks.

The troubled teen, played by Charlie Behan, turned to recreational drug use to escape from the mounting pressure of his exams.

After racking up a mounting drug debt with his dealer Taz, he was blackmailed into vandalising the youth centre to settle what he owed.

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And now, the youngster is set to find himself in trouble with the law once more as he is caught red-handed dealing drugs.

In upcoming scenes, Charlie takes his maths exam but afterwards is worried that he has performed poorly. Shing Lin Leong suggests an idea to distract Charlie from how the test went, but they are interrupted when Darren Osborne comes home early.

Dillon Ray tries to help Charlie and Shing Lin by distracting Darren, but Charlie is overwhelmed by his paranoia and asks Shing Lin to leave.

Struggling, Charlie then lashes out at both Shing Lin and Darren.

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At the park, Shing Lin chooses to hide the truth about what happened with Charlie. But when Charlie comes across them and mistakenly thinks he's being laughed at, he confronts and pushes Dillon over.

This incident is noticed by Zoe Anderson. When questioned, the teenagers deny anything happened.

However, Zoe later ends up arresting Charlie, after Charlie and Dillon are caught picking up drugs from Taz.

charlie dean in hollyoaks
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Charlie is eventually given just a caution, having spent the night in custody, but Taz wants to know what happened.

Darren later opens up to Charlie about his mental health journey, hoping to encourage him to see a professional. Charlie is open to the idea. But while waiting for his hospital appointment, the truth ends up coming out.

Is this the push Charlie needs to get his life back on track?

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