The Hockey PDOcast Episode 309: Guess Who’s Back

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Welcome to “The Hockey PDOcast,” a Yahoo Sports podcast hosted by Dimitri Filipovic, who enlists the help of some of the game’s most insightful minds covering the NHL.

Thomas Drance joins the show to discuss his return back to the public sphere after his time with the Panthers, how that experience has changed his perspective on things, and the looming struggle between players and teams for power.

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Topics include:

6:00 How a peak behind the curtain changes things

18:00 The acceptance of analytics in league circles

29:00 The NHL’s hiring process and prerequisites for executives

44:00 The pros and cons of the changing landscape for RFAs

55:00 Stars wielding leverage and putting teams on the clock

1:00:00 Game of chicken between the Oilers and Jesse Puljujarvi

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