Hilarious ‘Schitt’s Creek’-themed baby shower goes viral on TikTok: ‘The best thing I’ve ever seen in my life’

A hilarious baby shower theme has “Schitt’s Creek” fans cracking up, and wishing they’d thought of this for their own pregnancies!

TikToker and mom-to-be @proudamericanmama gained over 1.3 million views and nearly 1,000 comments when she uploaded footage of her David Rose-themed baby shower.

Now, much like the photographer who adorably dresses up bébés as characters from “Schitt’s Creek,” this viralbaby sprinkle” has parents considering having more kids just to do this themselves!

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In the video, @proudamericanmama shows off her David Rose-inspired banner, decorated with lines from the hilarious “Baby Sprinkle” episode.

In the scene, David and his boyfriend/business partner, Patrick, discuss a last-minute baby shower for expecting mom, Jocelyn.

David, completely unfamiliar with traditional baby showers, has no idea what to do when Jocelyn walks into Rose Apothecary and essentially bullies him into throwing hers.

Thankfully, Patrick intervenes to steer David away from “booze and fish” and towards more pregnancy-friendly options — much to David’s chagrin.

Unlike frazzled Jocelyn, @proudamericanmama‘s baby shower was in good hands!

Knowing she was a big fan of “Schitt’s Creek,” the expecting mom’s sisters and mother threw her a delightfully Rose-esque shower, complete with black and white decor and golden pacifiers.

However, so as to not overwhelm guests who weren’t familiar with the show, the family chose to skip such “Schitt’s Creek” delights as “sleepy mommy” and “folding in the cheese.”

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‘Best freaking theme EVER!!!’

TikTokers were immediately obsessed with @proudamericanmama‘s baby shower theme.

“If there were anything to get me to have another baby, this would be it,” one user joked.

“I only planned on having one baby, but now I think I’ll have two just to do this… you genius!” another user laughed.

“Is it too late to throw myself a sprinkle for my 6-month-old?!?” cried one user.

“You’re making me want to watch the whole series all over again!!! I love love love this!!!” wrote another user.

It looks like bébés around the world are going to be welcomed and celebrated with their own “ Schitt’s Creek” sprinkles!

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