High school student left in tears after chemistry final goes wrong: 'This panic is unlike any other'

Justin Chan
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A high school student couldn’t help but sob after she spent three hours taking her chemistry final and learned that it didn’t save on her computer.

The reaction was caught by Olivia Gravette, who shared it in a TikTok that has since gone viral.

On Nov. 20, Gravette posted the clip, which shows her sister Emily crying as both of their parents attempt to figure out what happened on Emily’s computer. In the background, an audio repeatedly says, “Take a deep breath.”

The video has gotten nearly 9 million views and plenty of sympathetic comments from fellow TikTok users.

“I would simply throw the whole computer away,” one person wrote.

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“This panic is unlike any other,” another commented. “Imagining how many malfunctions there are like this during the pandemic.”

“Can we all just cancel school and teach one another,” a third asked.

Fortunately, Emily’s story has a *somewhat* happy ending. In a follow-up TikTok, Olivia revealed that her sister took the chemistry final again.

“After I filmed the TikTok and after a lot of tears, Emily ended up redoing her chemistry test,” Olivia said. “And though she may have wanted to yeet her Chromebook, she ended up getting a 71% on the test!”

Emily also reportedly shared her newfound fame with her teacher, who allegedly found the entire situation funny.

“That’s hilarious,” the teacher wrote in an email, according to a screenshot Olivia included. “Glad to see the whole family got involved!”

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