Here's how texting is the cause of your rising stress levels

Arpita Chatterjee
·3 min read
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Did you know that texting can make your stress levels even worse than they already are? Studies have shown that 40% of all stress in our society results from stressful situations. Exercising or taking a relaxing vacation will not take away the stress of missed calls, messages, and emails.

One of the biggest reasons for stress is when we start to over worry about every little thing. And the worst part is that we let this negative energy towards others make us think that we can't control ourselves. This only worsens the situation, because now we're focusing our energy and attention on someone else instead of ourselves.

There are some cases wherein the already incurred stress can be made worse if we don't manage it well. Using a cellular text messaging service can make your life a lot easier since you don't have to deal with so many different things that could potentially lead to stress.

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This article will look at this new issue that has been gaining quite a bit of attention. Hopefully, it will give you a better idea of the teenagers becoming increasingly anxious overusing this digital medium.

Instigates restlessness

Digital messaging can cause a lot of anxiety for teenagers. Teens don't know who to trust. They don't know if they are being tricked and what message they are getting. The main thing is to look at the communication taking place and determine whether it is necessary. If it is not, then simply remove it from your contact list, and avoid those messages. You never know who they might be chatting with, and you don't want them to end up in a dangerous situation.

There has been a significant amount of digital messaging being used by teenagers. Many schools are now banning texting or using it as a communication tool altogether, and will hopefully give you a better idea of the reason why teenagers are becoming increasingly anxious overusing this digital medium.

Hampers one-to-one communication

Digital messaging has completely changed the manner of one-to-one communication. Anyone can send any message within seconds as long as the required technologies are available.

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Mobile phone manufacturers have come up with different models to cater to people who have busy lives. Though many find it easy to get in touch with others who are frequently on the move but slowly with the advent of new-found technology, one-to-one communication as a medium has gradually taken a back-stage!

In today's fast-paced life, the messages arrive minus any long-distance charges.

And, digital technology is doing wonders, and the mobile phone companies are investing heavily in it to bring in better services and features to their customers.

Owes to Pavlovian response

Digital messaging is a Pavlovian response of fear, where a person feels an overwhelming sensation of dread or worry. The stimulus can be any kind of a sound, an image, video or even written text. The message causes the release of adrenalin, which increases heart rate.

This causes the body's emergency response system to send emergency signals to the brain. This may not result in a panic or anxiety attack, but it can lead to feeling afraid or anxious. These attacks are related to phobias that individual experiences in life can bring on.

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Digital messaging is an alternative to the more traditional forms of communication such as emails, texts and voice calls. There is no need to deal with the possibility of another panic attack while you are trying to connect with a client or solve a problem. It is an excellent way to both prepare for potential emergencies and to overcome fears.