I, A Die-Hard "ACOTAR" Fan, Used AI To Bring 21 Iconic Characters And Settings To Life — And They're Jaw-Dropping

The A Court of Thorns and Roses series by Sarah J. Maas is a serious favorite among "romantasy" readers all around the world — and there's a lot more to expect. With the recent news of the sixth ACOTAR book being underway, along with the buzz surrounding the impeding "Maas Universe," fans have been excitedly throwing around theories about what will happen in the new book and just exactly who the story will focus on.

A stack of Sarah J. Maas books from "A Court of Thorns and Roses" series on a plaid surface
Dannica Ramirez

As someone who's a big fan of Sarah J. Maas as an author and who's read all of her books — from Throne of Glass to her newest Crescent City series — I'm just as excited to revisit the land of ACOTAR and see what trials and tribulations my favorite and not-so-favorite characters will have to undergo this time. So, to tide over the wait until the book's release date (which hasn't been confirmed yet), I used AI to bring the characters and settings of the series to life based on the book descriptions.

Hand holding "A Court of Mist and Fury" by Sarah J. Maas with bookshelf in background

If anyone is wondering, I'm an Azriel girly, hands down.

Dannica Ramirez

Here's how it turned out — minor spoilers ahead for A Court of Thorns and Roses and A Court of Mist and Fury.

1.Starting off with a place we (unfortunately) know all too well, the High Lord's manor in the Spring Court:

Illustration of an ornate mansion covered in lush greenery and flowers, with a fantasy setting vibe

2.Residing in that gorgeous manor is the Spring Court king himself, Tamlin — Tammie, the Tamster. I thought the manor was a bit small, but then I remembered he's living alone in there anyway:

Illustration of a fantasy character with pointed ears and long hair, wearing a loose shirt and a leather strap across the chest

3.Next up is our loyal and candid — albeit vague — friend, The Suriel:

Eerie figure draped in dark tattered robes stands in a foggy swamp, with twisted branches for arms

Here's how the Suriel is described in the book:

"[...] but it was not the tall, thin veiled figure in dark tattered robes. Its hunched back facing me, I could count the hard knobs of its spine poking through the thin fabric. Spindly, scabby gray arms clawed at the snare with yellowed, cracked fingernails."

4.I personally would love to vacation in this next spot and introduce the fae of this court to pumpkin spice lattes, as I'm sure they'd love them. Here's The Forest House in the Autumn Court:

Majestic castle nestled among autumnal trees, suggestive of a fantasy setting, often seen in literature

5.Some people are Lucien haters, but not I! I mean, look at those luscious red locks:

Person in elaborate historical costume standing in autumnal forest

Here's how Lucien is described in the books:

"The fox-masked faerie sank onto the edge of the table, the light catching in his long fire-red hair."

"Lucien smiled in a way that didn't meet that metal eye — or the russet one."

P.S. The AI refused to give him a metal eye. So rude.

6.Before Feyre crossed that wall and everything changed, here's where the Archerons lived:

Quaint snow-covered cottage nestled among winter trees, evoking a scene from a storybook

7.The resident gardener and doe-eyed one of the bunch, here's what Elain, the middle Archeron sister, looks like:

AI-generated image of woman sitting in flower field

Here's how Elain is described in the books:

"Beautiful — she'd always been the most beautiful of us. Soft and lovely, like a summer dawn."

"Elain's golden-brown hair was half-up, her pale skin creamy and flushed with color, and her eyes, like molten chocolate, were wide as they took me in."

8.The eldest Archeron sister and my favorite character for reasons I could write a whole dissertation about, here's Nesta:

Woman in elegant dress sits with a book in a vintage library setting

9.Summer is my least favorite season, but I'd live in Adriata, the capital of the Summer Court (all those seagulls would scare me, though):

Fantastical castle with bridges, waterfalls, and seagulls, evoking a storybook setting

10.And, of course, there's the High Lord of the Summer Court, Tarquin:

Fantasy character with pointed ears, in ornate blue and gold attire, against an archway and roses background

Here's how Tarquin is described in the books:

"And I knew him — remembered him. Not from memory. I'd already remembered that the handsome High Lord of Summer had rich brown skin, white hair, and eyes of crushing, turquoise blue."

11.Though we haven't had the chance to explore the Day Court in the books yet, we're definitely friendly with our golden High Lord, Helion:

Illustration of a regal character sitting on a throne, wearing golden arm cuffs and a sun motif crown

12.Part of the Night Court, but honestly no one's favorite for good reason, here's a look at the throne room in the Hewn City, aka the Court of Nightmares:

Gothic-style hall with arches, chandeliers, and two statues by the entrance

13.Next up is Mor, who truly embodies the "looks like a cinnamon roll but could kill you" look:

Person in fantasy costume with elf-like ears and a red dress, evoking a character from a book

14.How could we not include this icon of a landform? Introducing Ramiel, the sacred mountain of the Night Court:

Snow-covered mountain peaks under a starry night sky

15.OK, I always tend to fall in love with the dark and mysterious characters who keep to themselves because they are seemingly ~afraid to love~, so that's why I love Azriel. Just saying, I could totally fix him. Here's our spymaster:

Illustration of a person in fantasy armor holding a sword, with dramatic lighting and a classical painting vibe

16.Next up is our other favorite Illyrian warrior, Cassian! No other words needed:

Illustration of a shirtless man with dragon wings and tattoos in a kitchen setting

17.One of Rhysand's many properties in Velaris — and a hangout spot/headquarters for the inner circle — here's the House of Wind:

Fantasy illustration of a grand, multi-level dwelling carved into a cliff with lit balconies, under a starry sky

18.Smart, powerful, and a whole lot of scary, here's my girl, Amren:

Animated character with dark hair, off-shoulder attire, and jeweled accessories looking at viewer

19.Some people call him Rhys, some people call him shadow daddy, but many know him as the High Lord of the Night Court. In all his fineries, this is Rhysand:

Man in ornate jacket sits pensively in a dark, vintage room, evoking a historical novel setting

20.The one and only High Lady of the Night Court is also the youngest Archeron sister! The most appropriate thing to say is obviously, "Hello, Feyre, darling:"

Woman in an ornate black dress with a crown, seated on a carved throne

21.And finally, even though the Summer Court looks lovely, my heart is tethered to the secret city in the Night Court. For our final destination, we have the one and only Court of Dreams, Velaris:

Two animated characters stand overlooking a fantasy mountain town at night, evoking a sense of adventure and mystique

Alright, what do you think?! Do these images resemble how you pictured the characters in your head? Which one was your favorite? Let me know down in the comments, and also share with me what you hope to see in the newest book! Special shoutout to the stars who listen and the dreams that are answered!

This post was enhanced using AI-powered creativity tools.