I Asked AI What People With Common First Names Would Look Like In Real Life, And I'm Sorry If Yours Is On The List

Disclaimer: the following images were created using generative AI image models for the sake of entertainment and curiosity. The images also reveal the biases and stereotypes that currently exist within AI models and are not meant to be seen as accurate or full depictions of the human experience.


A douchey frat guy with his bros, drinking a beer

What AI thinks about people named Tucker: "A trust-fund baby. Was probably in a frat and looks back at that time period as 'the best years of his life.' His friends would die for him."


A woman with tattoos at her tattoo shop, with dyed white hair

What AI thinks about people named Amber: "Always down for a fun, wild time. Afraid of nothing. Covered in cool tattoos and changes her hair color every few months."


A shirtless surfer dude at the beach

What AI thinks about people named Brad: "Hot but kinda dumb. Super athletic and can probably be found surfing or something. One of the most chill people you'll ever meet."

4.Brittany (but not Britney)

A blonde cheerleader in her uniform next to her teammates

What AI thinks about people named Brittany: "Was probably prom or homecoming queen. May have peaked in high school, but she was still super nice. Is now married to her high school sweetheart and has two kids. Has most likely fallen for one or two MLM/pyramid schemes."


A finance bro in a Patagonia vest at his office desk

What AI thinks about people named Chad: "Works in finance. Can always be seen in khakis and a Patagonia vest, even in the summer. Went to Cornell and never lets anyone forget it."


An Asian woman with tattoos at a club

What AI thinks about people named Crystal: "Will have your back no matter what and fight anyone who tries to come for you. The most loyal friend anyone could ask for."


A man skateboarding outside

What AI thinks about people named Rodney: "Super laid-back. Skates everywhere but doesn't make it his entire personality. A genuine friend."


A middle-age woman with a blonde bob wagging her finger at someone

What AI thinks about people named Karen: "Middle-aged mom. Only thing she loves more than her minivan is calling someone out, even if she's in the wrong."


A Republican man in red gear at a rally

What AI thinks about people named Rick: "Probably a republican. Loves wearing sunglasses outside ~and~ inside. Passionate but stubborn."


A woman smoking and wearing a flower crown at an outdoor even

What AI thinks about people named Summer: "A vegan, 420-friendly, and has at least three dogs. Probably really good at crafting."


A buff man chopping trees down in the woods

What AI thinks about people named Levi: "The hottest person you'll ever meet. His biceps are bigger than your head. Can chop down a tree with his bare hands and then build a house that you'd want to live in with him for the rest of time."


A softball player on the mound in a black uniform

What AI thinks about people named Sarah: "Always got straight A's in school. Can beat you at any sport. A genuinely nice person."


A blonde stoner bro with a beanie, sitting in front of two skateboards

What AI thinks about people named Kyle: "Will call you 'dude' in every single sentence. Loves skateboarding and smoking. Has a perfect dick."


A woman reading a book at the library

What AI thinks about people named Rachel: "Reads at least two books a month. Someone you'd kill to have on your bar trivia team. A little self-centered, but who isn't?"


A college student in his dorm room

What AI thinks about people named Carter: "Super ambitious and hardworking. Will probably create his own company one day and be richer than you could ever dream."


A non-binary person with orange and purple hair sitting at a restaurant

What AI thinks about people named Ash: "Super creative. The most sarcastic but endearing person you know. They're definitely gonna be president."

17.And Jeremiah

A Southern man in the woods with long hair, a hat, and a big smile while covered in mud

What AI thinks about people named Jeremiah: "Super religious. Has at least six siblings and seven kids. Will do anything for his family."

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This post was enhanced using AI-powered creativity tools.