Heidi Klum shares her concerns about daughter Leni modelling

Heidi Klum spoke candidly of her apprehensions about her daughter Leni’s modelling career.

Having been featured in campaigns for Christian Dior and Initimissi, the German American supermodel’s 19-year-old daughter has already established herself as a rising figure in high fashion. And while Klum embarked on her own modelling journey around the same time in her life, she has some concerns about her daughter doing the same.

When asked about how she felt regarding Leni’s move into the industry, Klum confessed she was “not so nervous”. “I can’t say I was excited either because you know when you’re self-employed, it is always tricky,“ she told E! News outside her Halloween party on 31 October.

“Who knows if this is something she’ll always even want to do forever. She’s studying because she wants to do interior design, and she’s doing this right now,” Klum continued. “She’s only 19 years old, you know? So, who knows what all the things are that she will do.”

One thing’s for sure, Leni wouldn’t miss her mother’s famed Halloween bash – and she definitely showed up last night.

The fashion muse stepped out onto the orange carpet in front of Manhattan’s Marquee – the venue for Klum’s 2023 spooky-filled celebration – in a rendition of “Strawberrry Shortcake.” Leni donned knee-high striped socks, a light pink bra, matching bloomers, platform heels, and a neon pink wig.

While the young prodigy went the sweet route, her mom chose to dress as a peacock. Klum, 50, was photographed in a form-fitting blue velvet body suit with textured prosthetics that included a fully functioning beak.

Behind her, the creative enlisted a group of 10 Cirque du Soleil dancers to act as the plume to her peacock. Each performer had their face painted reminiscent of the bird’s feathers and wore the same full-length bodysuit as Klum, but in green.

As they folded backward to unveil Klum as their head, all 11 of them performed a short routine they’d been practicing for months. Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Klum confessed that the performance piece of her costume is what she spent the majority of her preparation on. The day-of prep only took six hours to complete, 18 hours less than she’s mentioned spending on her Halloween look in the past.

Speaking with E! News, the America’s Got Talent host admitted she’d collaborated with 29 Cirque du Soleil members to pull-together her entire vision for the night – garments, dance, and all.

“I just wanted to do something different and just to put something on me. I couldn’t go this big. I needed to have more people,” she proclaimed. “And so, I wanted to do a multiple-people costume. So I thought about who does this, and I couldn’t really think of anyone or anything that I’ve seen before.”

“And then I thought a peacock would be fun because the peacock changes from the feathers down and then it spreads out like this,” Klum continued. “So, I thought we could make something fun out of that.”

In total, the visionary spent about 2,000 hours getting ready for the big night.