Heidi Klum on Being the Sexiest Version of Herself at 50: ‘I’m Far From Dead’

The Morelli Brothers

For Heidi Klum, age is truly just a number.

The supermodel and fashion icon—who turned 50 last June—is feeling sexier than ever and isn't going to dress in accordance with any societal standards for what those in their sixth decade are “supposed” to wear. Speaking to Glamour Germany, Klum says that any people who joke about her attire being inappropriate grind her gears, mainly because it's just tired.

“Yes, I'm 50, but I'm far from dead,” she says in the magazine's March cover story. “I just love colorful, loud things. Maybe that will change at some point, but that remains my decision.”

<cite class="credit">The Morelli Brothers for Glamour Germany</cite>
The Morelli Brothers for Glamour Germany

Heidi Klum has a similar attitude toward anyone who criticizes her age gap in her relationship with her husband, 34-year-old Tom Kaulitz. Klum married the Tokio Hotel guitarist in 2019, and says that she likes to focus on living “in the here and now with my husband.”

“Time will not stand still for me, and Tom will never catch up with me,” she says. “I will always be 16 years older and I know that. I know I'll look older faster than him. Maybe in 10 years it will be a problem for me; maybe he won't like it then.”

As for why she thinks people get so hung up on the age gap? She suspects the criticisms are out of “spite.”

“Maybe people think that I have already been too lucky in life,” she say. “I have a great job, I get to travel around the world and buy expensive things. Now I've caught myself such a great man. Maybe people begrudge me that.”

Hard to argue with that!


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