Harry Styles’s New Song Is Almost Definitely About Taylor Swift

Did Harry Styles just pull a Taylor Swift!? Well, some fans think so. Harry’s new self-titled album was released today … yes, we’re very excited! And fans everywhere are speculating that one of the songs, Two Ghosts, is about his ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift.  

Now if you don’t remember, on Taylor’s last album, 1989, she had the song Style, which fans were convinced Taylor wrote about herself and Harry. Check it out for yourself:

Well, it seems as though Harry is now responding with his own lyrics on Two Ghosts and specifically calls out those red lips and white T-shirt.

Today Harry was on BBC Radio 1, where host Nick Grimshaw asked him straight up if Two Ghosts was about Taylor. It was pretty awkward, and Harry seemed to dodge the question.

In other entertainment news, Johnny Depp is selling off parts of his vast real estate empire:

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