Harry Styles Is Coming to a Beauty Counter Near You With Sex-Themed Fragrances

Harry Styles shook celebrity-beauty-founder tables when he boldly debuted his gender-bending brand, Pleasing, in 2021. Since then, Pleasing has captivated fans with its cult-loved lineup, offering a wide range of products such as captivating nail polish shades, skincare essentials, indulgent body care products and limited-edition makeup collections. And now, building upon its success in these niche categories, Pleasing is set to make an even more exciting move by venturing into the world of fragrances.

Last month, the brand softly announced its plans to drop "sex-themed" fragrances that smelled like "skin-on-skin." The three upcoming Pleasing scents are: "Closeness, "Rivulets," and "Bright Hot," made in partnership with fragrance maker Robertet.

The scents will launch in October and will be up for grabs via Pleasing's website in October, with later plans to bring the fragrances to IRL retail.