Haley Joel Osment makes dead people on 'The X-Files'

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Haley Joel Osment, who you may know as the kid from The Sixth Sense and who just caused a scene at the Las Vegas airport over the weekend, pulled double duty on The X-Files Wednesday night. Haley played Davey and his father, John, who fought side by side with Walter Skinner in Vietnam.

During the war, John was exposed to a poison gas which gave him hallucinations and turned him into a madman. Davey blamed Skinner for ruining their family because he testified against John, which led to him being put in a mental hospital for 38 years. So Davey went on a revenge killing spree, taking down his dad’s old war buddies. When Davey found Skinner in his house, he took him to go see his dad. As they were walking through the woods, Skinner saw John hanging from a tree. While walking toward him, Skinner fell into a trap Davey had set.

Meanwhile, Mulder and Scully had been tracking Skinner and finally found him after visiting with Davey. Although Mulder ended up in the trap with Skinner, and as Davey was about to set them both on fire, Scully shot him down. By the time Mulder got out, Davey was gone. He had made it to another trap — but instead of catching Mulder and Scully, Davey fell victim to his own death trap.

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