Hailey Bieber talks Rhode's new colour cosmetics, family, and viral moments

rhode peptide lip tints
Hailey Bieber talks Rhode's new colour cosmeticsDrew Vickers

I’m about to connect to a Zoom with Hailey Bieber and I’ve just applied the product from her latest launch. A risky move, you might say. I mean, what if I hate it? (this was always going to be unlikely, but you never know). It’s 6pm, my original lip has worn off and the Rhode newbie is in my bag to test. I apply a liner as a base and smooth on Rhode's new Peptide Lip Tint in Raspberry Jelly. It’s immediately a smash. Everything you love about the Peptide Lip Treatments but with a punchy hit of colour that reads like a juicy just-bitten lip. I obvs tell Hails immediately.

“I was wondering if it was one of ours, looks so nice!” she says. Raspberry Jelly is one of four colours that Rhode is launching for Bieber's first foray into cosmetics. We have Ribbon, which is a sheer pink; Toast, a rosey taupe; Raspberry Jelly, a berry hue; Espresso, a rich brown.

For Bieber, it was a natural fit to opt for the Peptide Lip to receive the brand's first colour treatment. “It's really popular amongst our customers. It's one of our best-selling products if not the best-selling product that we have,” she says. “I think it's such a beautiful formula so I wanted to be able to take what we already have and kind of give it a new life and category.”

rhode peptide lip tnt in ribbon
New Rhode Peptide Lip Tint in RibbonDrew Vickers

It's a launch that’s been hinted at for a hot minute and something that Bieber has been nestling easter eggs for on her Instagram and TikTok accounts. I ask her about all the viral trends that she’s played a hand in that we are always quick to report on here at Cosmo UK, from glazed nails to strawberry girl makeup. Is it something that she thinks about when she stands in front of the mirror and does her beauty routine? Is strawb girl summer on her moodboard? “Every single time something catches on it's just me having fun," she says. "I'm just showing people what I like to do.”

OFC, though she's been happily experimenting and dropping hints at her own launches, it's also influenced the wider community. Strawberry girl summer is trans-seasonal, it seems. “I love being part of this beauty community,” she says, “and I love the connection that you form with people through giving and sharing these ideas, trends and thoughts as well as ways of doing things. That’s the one thing that I do like about TikTok.”

As we chat more, Bieber’s obsession with beauty is evident. She's looking for inspo in all the online spaces we are too. “I watch how other people do their makeup online and on TikTok and I'm like ‘wow, that's super interesting. How could I incorporate that?’ Or ‘how could I do that my way?’” she says.

Her love of beauty runs deep and generational. From her grandma, who was a makeup artist, to her mum, Bieber has always been surrounded by women who take skin, hair and makeup very seriously. “My grandma was always really into skincare and obsessed with creams," she says. "She would go to the mall and get tonnes of cream samples. She's still like that to this day – obsessed with skincare!” Bieber says background as a ballet dancer set her obsession up for life too. "I learned how to do more stage makeup, more intense makeup, even though that's so not my vibe now."

As she steps into colour cosmetics for Rhode, what can we expect? “It’s something that’s been in the plan for since the beginning,” she explains. “You know, this was a category that I always knew I wanted to go in, but I wanted to kind of do it my way which is still staying in the world of the essentials.” Bieber’s philosophy of skin-focused beauty will always fuel further launches, she says (yes, our eyes did start twitching thinking about what the next colour drops will be, but we can’t get ahead of ourselves).

“What I want people to expect from the brand in terms of colour is hybrid products that are still good for your skin, but will offer you know, a glow, a boost, a tint that kind of world so I think taking our peptide treatment formula and then adding this like beautiful kiss and colour of tint is a really good way to start,” she says. “I think it's a good way for the customer to start getting acclimated to you know what, maybe we're going to do with colour.”

It's confirmed; Bieber is coming for our makeup stash…

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