Guy Rides On Corvette Down The Highway

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Hope he’s an organ donor at least…

We really need to bring back the phrase “brain donor” these days. Forget the Tide Pod Challenge and other stupid social media trends, this guy who rode on the back of a C7 Corvette so he could take video of his buddies popping wheelies on their motorcycles while traveling down the highway is the height of stupidity. It also proves perhaps Darwin was wrong, because these guys seem to keep spreading their genes, fulfilling the prophecy of Idiocracyinstead.

Watch a Monte Carlo do a burnout into everything here.

You can blame social media if you want. The quest for likes and views has driven these daredevil types to do all sorts of illegal and just plain stupid things with zero sense for the risks. As of the writing of this article, the video in question, which I won’t embed out of principle, has almost 87,000 likes.

Thankfully, plenty of the comments are mocking the absolute moronic behavior of these guys. The account that posted the video, which I won’t name because the guy did this obviously to spread his name around, is for a “YouTuber, Pro Stunt Rider.” The guy has 155,000 followers, so he’s being rewarded for this kind of behavior.

And the account is full of all kinds of illegal stunting on public roads. Everyone can freak out about TikTok all they want, but these videos are on another platform, one that’s American-owned.

Just in case anyone in law enforcement is reading this, the stunt apparently weas pulled on US Highway 71 in Kansas City, Missouri. Knowing how prosecutors in that area are, likely nothing will happen to these guys. That’s probably why they chose to do this little stunt there.

Putting the icing on the cake is the fact the guy riding on the Corvette has no shoes on, so if he did fall off and hit the pavement feet-first, he might never walk again. Kids, don’t do this stuff, it’s purely for professional idiots with zero regard for their health and well-being.

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