Grown Adults Are Losing It Over McDonald's Newest Happy Meal Toys

mcdonald's happy meal
McDonald's 'The Little Mermaid' Toys Are HereMcDonald's

In honor of this week's premiere of The Little Mermaid, McDonald's is releasing a collection of adorable Happy Meal toys inspired by the film. And we've got to hand it to McDonald's—the collection is so cute, we'd absolutely be willing to make a trade with Ursula for just a single toy (preferably the Ariel figurine).

According to various reports and social media posts, McDonald's is releasing eight toys in total. There even appears to be other special additions, including themed apple slices and downloadable The Little Mermaid activity sheets.

Whether it's Ariel hovering over a crashing wave or Prince Eric standing at the helm of his boat, each toy has the added element of water.

As news of The Little Mermaid Happy Meal and the figurines begins to make its way across social media, people are eagerly expressing excitement. One TikTok in particular, which shows each of the toys being unpacked, has received hundreds of comments from excited fans.

"The new Ariel is my favorite," one user commented.

"I work at McDonald’s The Little Mermaid toys are adorable," another person wrote.

Although it's unclear what day the collection will be released, some users on TikTok have confirmed that they've already gotten their hands on a toy.

"Got one already today!" someone revealed in the comments section of a TikTok video.

A lucky Twitter user was also one of the few who have already gotten their hands on The Little Mermaid toys.

Which figurine are you looking forward to getting your hands on?

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