Granite City veteran was saving money for surgery. Jury convicts man who robbed him

Capitol News Illinois

A Madison County jury has convicted a man of twice breaking into a home and robbing about $1,200 from a Granite City military veteran saving up for surgery.

Jaleen Gladney, 27, of Collinsville, was found guilty Wednesday of home invasion causing injury, home invasion while armed with a firearm, attempted residential burglary and of possession of weapon by a felon, Madison County State’s Attorney’s Tom Haine said in a news release.

Gladney, who represented himself in the trial, will be sentenced at a later date. He was being held in the Madison County Jail on Friday.

According to a release from the state’s attorney’s office, Gladney forced his way into the veteran’s home on 24th Street in Granite City on July 8 and on July 9.

“Gladney attacked the resident, robbed the resident of money and property, and at one point threatened to shoot the resident,” the news release stated. “The second home invasion happened just hours after the first. In the second one, the victim initially thought it was police officers at his door, returning as part of their investigation.”

Gladney was arrested on July 11 “when he was caught peering in the windows and attempting to enter the door of the victim’s home again. He was carrying a handgun and wearing a mask.”

Assistant State’s Attorney Morgan Hudson said in her closing statements that Gladney saw the victim “as nothing more than prey – an easy target. And he had the audacity to prey on this hero, not once, not twice, but three times.”

Prosecutors have asked that Gladney receive consecutive sentences for his crimes. The maximum sentences for the offenses are: 45 years in prison for home invasion while armed with a firearm, 30 years for home invasion causing injury, 14 years for attempted residential burglary and 14 years for possession of weapon by a felon.

Haine said in a statement the veteran “deserves to be honored, not victimized.”