'The Grand Hustle' is T.I.'s 'Apprentice,' but don't compare him to Donald Trump

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If BET’s new business competition reality show, The Grand Hustle, looks like host T.I.‘s own version of The Apprentice, there’s good reason for that. T.I. recruited Johnny Petillo, a longtime producer on the Donald Trump-starring show, to help shape and run The Grand Hustle, which positions 16 budding entrepreneurs against one another in a bid for a post at T.I.’s eponymous business empire.

The difference, according to T.I.?

“A much better host,” the rapper-actor-lifesaver declares during a recent chat with Yahoo Entertainment. He then pokes further fun at the 45th president of the United States.

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“My hands are not tiny,” he laughs, referencing the oft-memed mockery of Trump that’s oftentimes put the president on the defensive. “I would pay to watch him catch a football.”

The genesis of The Grand Hustle, which marks T.I.’s third foray into reality TV after T.I.’s Road to Redemption (MTV) and T.I. and Tiny: The Family Hustle (VH1), was all about necessity, he says.

“This idea came from the dire need of adding more hands on deck. Because I work so hard, I demand the same from the team. They had an intervention with me, and it was like, ‘Yo, we need help.’

“I was like, ‘Now this is a TV show.'”

The Grand Hustle premieres July 19 on BET.

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