The Grammys Tweeted-and-Deleted That Nicki Minaj and Ice Spice Won, Causing Confusion and Conspiracy Theories

The Recording Academy announced a slew of early Grammy Award winners ahead of Sunday night's official show, and they appear to have mistakenly announced Nicki Minaj and Ice Spice's "Barbie World" as the winner of Best Rap Song, before seemingly deleting the tweet and announcing that "Scientists & Engineers" by Killer Mike actually won.

And fans seem...confused to say the least. There are even some people who believe this is part of a wider conspiracy theory of the part of the Recording Academy to snub Nicki specifically (she's been nominated 12 times but has never won).

Nicki has a complicated history with the Grammys. In 2022, she called out the Recording Academy for moving her hit "Super Freaky Girl" from the rap category to the pop one, saying (via Billboard), “It was done to decrease my chances of winning awards for ‘Super Freaky Girl.’ It was done to remove me from the category that they don’t want COMPETITION in!!!!!!! They are all scared to death of the success of that song & thought it would be super EASY for them (like it’s been for the last few years) but ‘SFG’ is such a global smash, certain members are AFRAID to keep it in the competition.”

Neither Nicki, Ice Spice, or the Recording Academy have spoken out about the mistake at this time, but stay tuned!

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