The Grammys' Charcuterie Boards Were Back & Bigger Than Ever

grammys charcuterie boards
The Grammys' Epic Charcuterie Boards Were BackLauren Delp / Kevin Mazur / Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images

As always, the 2024 Grammys were a star-studded event, but there was one guest in particular that we were keeping an eye out for: the charcuterie board. And not just one, but 65 of them.

The cheese boards, crafted by Silverlake Socialite, returned to the Grammys this year. After doing them for the 2023 Grammys, founder Lauren Delp said that the exposure was a "game-changer" for her business, which has doubled since then. But these weren't the same exact cheese boards as last year.

"This year's endeavor brought a heightened level of intensity, with larger boards and a more extensive array of ingredients," said Delp. "Throughout the design process, our primary focus was on creating visually striking boards that not only satisfied the palate, but also captivated attention when viewed on camera."

grammys charcuterie boards
Lauren Delp

The main directive from the producers was to focus on vibrant colors. The charcuterie boards included a variety of cheeses, fresh and dried fruits, vegetables, and sweets like Australian red licorice, gummies, and chocolate-covered almonds. There were also black grapes, watermelon radishes, blood oranges, and sesame-covered cashews.

"Every item was carefully selected for color, variety, freshness and balanced flavors, while ingredients were cut small for easy grazing," she added.

A team of six people worked for 15 hours straight to put together the boards.

"Being backstage on Sunday, personally unwrapping and perfecting each board before they adorned the nominee tables, was the culmination of a labor-intensive yet immensely rewarding experience. It was truly a dream come true and an absolute honor to be included in such an iconic event."

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