Good Trouble’s Cierra Ramirez Talks Directorial Debut, ‘Bittersweet’ Series Finale: Fans Will Be ‘Really Happy’

Good Trouble’s Cierra Ramirez Talks Directorial Debut, ‘Bittersweet’ Series Finale: Fans Will Be ‘Really Happy’

After a decade of playing Mariana Adams Foster across The Fosters and its spinoff Good Trouble, Cierra Ramirez is readying to say goodbye to the franchise, which will wrap up its run this year. But while Good Trouble is coming to a close, the actress hopes to keep the spirit of both Freeform dramas alive in her future projects.

“One thing I know I want to do, something that I’m going to carry with myself from The Fosters and Good Trouble, is taking on roles that get conversations started,” Ramirez tells TVLine. “That’s something that’s been really important to me throughout this entire series is the fact that we tackle really hard subjects but very necessary, and I love being able to advocate for that and be a platform, be a voice for others. So I’ll definitely carry that with me in the future.”

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But first, Ramirez is dishing on her directorial debut (airing this Tuesday at 10/9c), Good Trouble’s series finale and whether Mariana will end up with Evan or Joaquin. Plus, watch an exclusive featurette above detailing Ramirez’s turn behind the camera.

TVLINE | I was talking to Sherri Saum about the episode that she directed, and she had the nicest things to say about directing you.
Aww, my mama bear!

TVLINE | She said directing you was like driving a Ferrari because you could just execute on the smallest gear shift.
Are you kidding me?! That is so, so kind! Let me tell you, that was a moment I was looking forward to all season, and seeing her step into that role was just so incredible. It was so much fun. I was just like, “Yes, mom! What do you want? I’ll do it! You got it!” It was so cool seeing her in a new light, and she absolutely killed it.

Good Trouble
Good Trouble

TVLINE | Was there a part of you that was a little disappointed you didn’t get to direct the moms in your episode?
Yes, absolutely! There’s so many moments, [like] the Fight Club girls, they were all rooting for me. Whenever I did see them in another episode, they were like, “We wish we could have been in that one.” But it was such an amazing experience, and my Fosters family was texting me well wishes and good luck. It was so much fun.

TVLINE | How was your directing experience? Did the cast give you a hard time, play any pranks on you?
It was absolutely a dream, and no, they did not play any tricks on me. I kind of wished that they did! I had the best time. Everyone was so excited for me, and they all brought their A-game and were just really willing to play and have so much fun. I even had an actor come up to me, one of my castmates, and say that I really helped unlock something in a scene for them, which was so rewarding for me because my biggest worry was directing my peers. I respect them so much, and I never wanted it to come across like I was giving a line reading or anything like that. I was just so thankful that they were so excited and just a joy to work with.

Good Trouble Cierra Ramirez
Good Trouble Cierra Ramirez

TVLINE | Who would you say is more boss: Mariana the co-CEO or Cierra the director?
Ooh. You know what? I say Cierra the director. [Laughs] Mariana and I are very alike. But it was really cool to kind of see me come into my own in this role. It was one of the greatest roles I’ve ever played so far.

TVLINE | If it’s not a spoiler, can you share what your favorite scene was to direct?
There are some really fun montages in some scenes. Our crew is just so incredible and just watching them in their element and bring my visions to life, and also just having them throw something my way, as well, and making it even bigger than I even imagined has been so awesome. Playing with lenses… It was just so cool stepping into this world. I love the way our show looks and to be able to kind of be on the opposite end and help create that vision, as well, it was amazing. It was so much fun.

TVLINE | I enjoyed the CSI homage.
That’s the one I’m talking about! It was so fun. It was so different because our show is not really like that. I feel like that’s the beauty of our show, though, [is] we’re all the genres. And so, it was kind of cool to bring in some CSI for this one.

TVLINE | There’s been a lot of interesting developments for your character in the recent episodes. She’s now co-CEO with Evan. There might still be some feelings there between her and Joaquin. So I’m going to put you on the spot: Are you Team Evan or Team Joaquin?
I feel like they both bring out a really different side of Mariana. I feel like Joaquin really challenges Mariana, but there’s a certain softness that Evan brings out. They could not be any more different, but they make so much sense together, and I’ve always been Team Eviana.

Good Trouble Evan
Good Trouble Evan

TVLINE | Without giving it away, can you say whether there is some kind of romantic closure for Mariana by the end of the show?
Well, we have a very thrilling rest of our season in store for our fans and a lot of questions will be answered, and I feel like they’re going to be really happy with the way our story comes to an end.

TVLINE | We also know from the trailer that we have another visit from Callie and the moms coming up, and it looks really tense with Jamie’s parents there. What can we expect from that episode?
Oh my goodness, I love whenever our Adams Fosters come to visit! It’s like we pick up where we last left off. It’s truly literally my family. So I always love when they come and the shenanigans that we get into, and following along with Callie and Jamie’s love story has been such a pleasure of mine. I really, really “ship” them. So I’m excited to see the way fans react to these families who secretly kind of have it out for each other but have to co-exist. They could not be any more different but make sense, as well. So I’m excited for that episode. It was a really fun one to film.

TVLINE | I feel like we have to have a wedding before the show is over. Callie and Jamie met at a wedding, so it would be really full circle if the show ended with their wedding.
You’re so right! It’s only right!

TVLINE | I know you can’t give away too much, but how would you describe the series finale?
Oh my goodness! Bittersweet. We’ve been following these lovely stories for so long, and I feel like these characters are my friends. So to say goodbye is really, really sad. I’m just so grateful to have been a part of such an incredible show that has made such an impact in the world. It’s been such a pleasure to work alongside everyone that I have. They’ve helped me grow into the person that I am today, and I will forever be grateful for it and for them and the memories that we’ve shared. So although this chapter is coming to an end and it’s very sad, I’m also really excited for everything that’s in store for all of my Good Trouble family.

Good Trouble Cierra Ramirez
Good Trouble Cierra Ramirez

TVLINE | Do you have a favorite memory or scene from your time as this character?
Oh wow, that’s really hard. Honestly, one of my most favorite scenes to film was this season, where Mariana has her breakthrough in therapy. Having played her for 10 years and experienced all the trauma that she’s gone through, I realized in that moment that this is probably the first time that she’s actually sat down with someone and actually talked about it. I know, at the moment, it was really about Silas and everything that she had gone through with the traumatic event at the farm, but I think it’s something that has been bottling up within her throughout her life and that’s something that I, going into the scene, really carried in the back of my head that I was like, wow, she’s having the breakthrough, but I feel like she finally feels like she’s in a space where she can just actually speak and cry. I feel like she needed that therapy session for a very long time, and it was very rewarding for me, having been with her for 10 years.

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