Good Morning Britain viewers blast "ridiculous" naked woman interview

good morning britain naked guest
GMB viewers blast "ridiculous" naked interviewITV

Good Morning Britain viewers have taken to social media to hit out at an interview the show hosted with a naked woman.

Helen Berriman, a naturist, appeared on today's (May 30) show to discuss whether nude sunbathing should be made illegal, arguing that they should be able to in public, while also appearing naked herself on the panel.

"With all the things that are going on in the world at the moment, are we really that bothered about a nude body sunbathing in a quiet corner of a park?" she said at one point. "There's so much else going on that we could be concerned about."

good morning britain naked guest

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However, brand and culture expert Nick Ede, who debated the other side, hit back, arguing it was a "selfish" thing to do.

"It's about you and your empowerment and I completely understand body positivity, which I think is fantastic," he said. "But you're not taking into consideration the other people within that environment, who might be a little bit triggered or find it offensive."

Viewers at home took to social media to speak about the debate, one tweeting: "How ridiculous you have Helen on sitting there naked".

good morning britain naked guest

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Another added: "Why have someone ‘naked’ on? Are you all mad?", while a third said: "Wait...Am i trippin' or is that woman naked?".

However, on the other side, one user tweeted: "Some people just want to be outraged at anything. If people want to sunbath naked in their own garden what the heck has it got to do with you.".

In other GMB news, last week Match of the Day's Gary Lineker responded after having an 'awkward' interview with Richard Madeley on the show, comparing the presenter to Alan Partridge.

Good Morning Britain airs weekday mornings on ITV.

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