Golden Knights' new policy restricts autographs to kids only

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The Las Vegas Golden Knights are restricting autographs to kids 14 years and younger.
The Las Vegas Golden Knights are restricting autographs to kids 14 years and younger.

If you’re 15 or older, you’re out of luck if you’re looking to get an autograph from a Vegas Golden Knights player.

The NHL’s newest team, who is currently first in the Western Conference standings and second overall, has placed an age restriction on who players can give autographs to outside of the arena.

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In the grand scheme of things, it’s a pretty great problem to have.

But the sizable crowds that fill the team’s City National Arena for practices and wait outside of the players’ parking lot have become a safety concern for the Knights.

Team president Kerry Bubolz said he’s seen kids running into the street, getting pushed out of the way by adults, and players stopping for fans in unsafe areas. Bubolz also said the amount of professional autograph collectors was getting out of hand.

So, with the new policy in place, here are the new rules:

  • Fans can no longer camp out by the parking lot.

  • Fans can only receive autographs inside the rink in the designated area by the player benches.

  • Only fans 14 years and younger are allowed access to the players.

Other than those three simple changes, everything in Vegas will stay status quo. The team will still host free public morning skates for fans, and they’ll continue to be one of the most beloved teams in the league.

Some fans are unhappy with the changes and think these rules are unfair to the adults who are paying money to support the Knights.

And some fans are just having fun with the whole situation.

But this is a valid question posed by one fan that really needs an answer: Can Benjamin Button get an autograph?

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