‘The Golden Bachelorette’ coming this fall to ABC and Hulu

A spin-off of ABC’s “The Golden Bachelor” is coming this fall and will revolve around a woman looking for love in her “golden years” — much like the male-centered iteration which preceded it, network execs announced Saturday.

Casting is “well underway” for the woman contestant, ABC said.

The news came during a Television Critics Association panel in Los Angeles, where speakers highlighted the success of the new franchise, which garnered 43.4 million total viewers in its first season, says Entertainment Tonight.

Gerry Turner, the star of “Golden Bachelor” Season 1, married contestant Theresa Nist in a televised wedding ceremony on Jan. 4, marking the culmination of ABC’s No. 1 unscripted series, which premiered on Hulu.

“After a historic first season watching Gerry and Theresa find love on ‘The Golden Bachelor,’ this all-new iteration of the hit series will highlight one radiant woman’s second chance at love in her golden years,” the network shared.

Historically, in ABC’s “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette,” the starring role typically goes to a fan favorite pulled from the contestants of past seasons.

Natascha Hardee, one contestant from Gerry’s season, has previously stated she’d be up for the task of becoming the first ‘Golden Bachelorette.’

“Who’s who’s gonna say no? Yes. Heck yes, baby!” she told Entertainment Tonight back in October. “I’m in the year of yes, so I’m saying yes. That’s why I’m doing this. That’s how I got to be the woman of ‘The Golden Bachelor,’ because I said yes. I’m gonna say yes until I can’t say yes anymore.”

Nancy Hulkower, who left Season 1 after feeling a lack of connection with Gerry, and April Kirkwood, who famously faked an injury during a group pickleball date, are also on record as being up for the role.

“Oh my gosh. Absolutely. Why wouldn’t you?” said Hulkower, considering the opportunity.

“I’m gonna flirt with these guys so much!” joked Kirkwood, already mentally claiming the role