What is going on with McKenna's future?

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Kieran McKenna
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BBC Sport's chief football writer Phil McNulty is answering all of your footballing questions.

Chris asked: Where do you think Kieran McKenna is best off being next season? As an Ipswich Town fan who already has reservations about being back in the Premier League, I would be completely hacked off if our manager is poached before a ball is kicked.

Phil answered: I can fully understand your emotions around this after what McKenna has achieved at Portman Road.

The problem would be that a club like Brighton seems such a perfect fit for him, although links with Chelsea and Manchester United would be a step too far for him at this stage, in my opinion.

I actually hope he is still Ipswich manager at the start of the next Premier League season, but there is no escaping the lure of a more established top-flight club, and one that will give him time to build would be a big one.

It is a very big decision for him and Ipswich, should Brighton make a move, and maybe he will feel loyalty to the club that gave him his big chance in management – but I can see why you are concerned.

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