6-year-old Girl Scout goes viral for her genius marketing video: 'Stay woke, buy these cookies'

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What could possibly make Girl Scout cookies more irresistible than they already are? Turns out Childish Gambino may be the necessary ingredient. A groovy video featuring his hit single, crafted by a creative Daisy Scout and her dad, is making for some tasty advertising.

Atlanta-area dad Seymore Harrison Jr. and his 6-year-old daughter, Charity Joy, captured a clip of themselves in the car, singing along to Gambino’s “Redbone” — but twisting the lyrics to reflect the different cookie flavors.

“If you want ’em, you can have ’em,” Charity Joy and her dad sing about their tempting wares. The video has quickly caught on fire, racking up more than 2 million views to date.

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The idea for the clip came simply from dad and daughter’s fondness for Gambino’s slinky, soulful tune. “Me and my daughter really love the song ‘Redbone,'” Harrison Jr. explained to Yahoo Entertainment. “While my daughter was thinking of ways to sell cookies, she said, ‘Maybe we can make a song like that, using the melody.’ So she picked out the cookies she wanted to use, and I wrote the lyrics.

“The rest is viral history,” he concluded.

Viewers of the video have definitely heeded Charity Joy’s suggestion to “Stay woke … buy these cookies.” Her initial goal was to sell 1,300 boxes; she’s since surpassed sales of 2,500, with buyers all over the country, and many of the purchases earmarked as donations to the military.

Gambino, aka Donald Glover, hasn’t made any comment — or, to our knowledge, purchased any cookies. But now he knows where to get them when he’s in his hometown!

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