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Girl’s prom dress funded with three years of saved pennies from her grandma

High schooler Jayden (@luvjaydens) went viral after sharing how her grandma saved up for years to help her with prom.

“My grandma has been saving these pennies since i started high school,” said @luvjadens. “She saved them to buy my senior prom dress.”

The video has over 15 million views, 3 million likes and plenty of comments showing love for the grandma.

“Tell your grandma how much everyone loves her,” said

“She’s our grandma now,” replied @pocketfullasunflowers.

In the video, Jayden shows that her grandmother saved pennies in a 5-gallon water jug and at least three other containers.

Prom can be one of the most expensive occasions in high school. Along with formal attire, expensive car rentals are not uncommon.

According to — which specializes in prom dresses — a prom dress can cost anywhere from $85 to $700. Jayden’s grandma clearly anticipated the cost of prom and prepared properly.

The final tally of the savings came out to be $357. However, they went to a bank that charged 5% for the coin-counting machine, leaving them with $340. It’s still unknown whether she bought a prom dress yet.

In that video, @luvjaydens said that her grandma didn’t even know she posted the video to TikTok till later.

“Apparently you made me tick tock famous,” wrote the grandma in a text to Jayden. “’There is over a million views on that money changing s*** girly.’”

Jayden shared the text to give those who were giving compliments in the first video an update on her grandma.

“For everyone in the comments that was being really nice to Kim, Kim loves y’all.”

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