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Girl passes out doing TikTok dance, refuses to go to the doctor

A girl on TikTok went viral after passing out several times from doing a trending dance.

“Guys I realized something so funny,” Chichi (@munchlaxsleeper) said. “I cannot do the ‘Get Money’ dance without passing out.”

She’s referring to a popular dance trend on TikTok set to The Notorious B.I.G’s “Get Money.” Part of the dance requires throwing your body down to your knees quickly. It’s at that moment when Chichi has issues.

“At first I thought it was cause I had low iron, but I think there’s something wrong,” she said.

She then proceeded to do the dance in a room by herself, and passed out at the problem moment in the routine.



♬ original sound – chichi <3

Once she proved she couldn’t do the dance, commenters offered diagnoses and told her to visit a doctor.

“It’s time to get in contact with your doctor beloved,” said @deannareadsandsleeps.

On Feb. 15, she wrote, “Dont worry guys i book doctors appt,” in the caption of a follow-up video. Yet, weeks later, she revealed that she never attended said appointment.

“Lol did you go to the dr? I experience something similar but also am a little afraid to go,” asked @kakarotbb.

“No I’m afraid to go too after reading comments,” Chichi responded.

Commenters continued to lobby for her to go to the doctor, but she didn’t respond to them.

She hasn’t posted another video since the one revealing she didn’t go to the doctor. However, @fortyattwenty wanted to let Chichi know that she and several TikTokers are in her corner waiting on another update.

“Just go to the doctor. Your tiktok fam is with you!”

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