Georgia Little Leaguer smashes home run into another galaxy

Jayce Blalock of Peachtree City Little League slaps five with a player from the opposing team after he obliterated a home run out of the stadium and into the trees. (Twitter/@LittleLeague)

In a galaxy far, far away from here, there are aliens examining a weird foreign object. It’s round and covered in a smooth white fabric, with red stitching all over it. The aliens don’t know it’s a baseball, and they don’t know how it got there. But we know. It was a monster home run, and we know who hit it. And it wasn’t Mike Trout or Aaron Judge or Giancarlo Stanton. It was a 13-year-old Little Leaguer named Jayce Blalock, and those guys might want to watch out for him.

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On Sunday, Jayce obliterated a baseball during a Little League tournament game for the Southeast Region. Jayce’s team, the Peachtree City National Little League, was taking on Greenville Little League from South Carolina. And with the bases loaded in the first inning, Jayce reared back and let one go. And the ball just went, and went, and went.

That really put the “grand” in “grand slam.” Jayce’s home run wasn’t even close to coming down when it passed by the outfield walls, which are typically at 200 feet in a Little League park. It went over the walls and completely passed over a small field before disappearing in the trees beyond the stadium. It’s amazing the ball wasn’t smashed to smithereens due to the force of that swing.

Just before Jayce hit that home run, the announcers were discussing what his coaches had said about his home run power.

“… [his coaches] said he can hit it in the trees. Now if he hits it that far, that’d be amazing.”

And a split second after the word “amazing” was uttered, Jayce actually did hit it to the trees. The home run was so impressive that the third baseman for Greenville gave Jayce a high five as he passed by.

Peachtree City won that game 14-2, which brought them another step closer to becoming the Southeast Region’s representative to the upcoming Little League World Series. If they win their game against Alabama on Monday, they’ll play in the championship game on Tuesday. And if Jayce keeps hitting homers like he did on Sunday, the team has a great chance. Hopefully the aliens are ready for the arrival of more Jayce Blalock home runs.

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