Georges St-Pierre's coach teases potential fights with Conor McGregor, Floyd Mayweather

Coach: Georges St-Pierre will return for epic fight, teases Conor McGregor (Getty)
Coach: Georges St-Pierre will return for epic fight, teases Conor McGregor (Getty)

The concept of a “money fight” has been the talk of 2017 thanks to the massive windfall of cash brought in by the boxing match between UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor and all-time great Floyd Mayweather. Everywhere you turn, there’s another boxer or MMA fighter looking for a fight against either Mayweather or McGregor in hopes of cashing the biggest check of their career.

The latest name to add to this growing list of fighters is none other than Georges St-Pierre. The former welterweight champ returned to the UFC after a four-year hiatus to defeat Michael Bisping for the UFC middleweight title in November. But rather than defend the title against interim champion Robert Whitaker, the French-Canadian opted to vacate the title and cited a health issue as the reasoning. Now that he’s no longer tied to the obligations that come with being champion, GSP and his team are seeking out more lucrative options for his next fight.

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St-Pierre’s head coach, Firas Zahabi, recently spoke with TSN and confirmed the idea that they are seeking out the biggest money fight that can be put together and the short list of names will surprise absolutely nobody.

“I think Georges is gonna get better, get back in the gym,” Zahabi said. “He’s gonna feel his body out and see what he wants, what’s the most interesting, epic fight out there. Mayweather? McGregor? We need a mega-fight.”

The first name is the obvious choice as McGregor remains the biggest star in mixed martial arts. He has competed at 170 pounds in the past, and that is exactly the weight class where St-Pierre intends to fight upon his return. A McGregor-GSP fight is likely to be the biggest fight the UFC can put together.

However, Floyd Mayweather’s name will certainly raise a few eyebrows considering that the undefeated fighter is retired and hasn’t shown much interest in competing in the UFC. Also of note is that St-Pierre is much bigger than Mayweather. Perhaps Zahabi is suggesting that St-Pierre would step into a boxing ring with Mayweather, which is even more bizarre considering that GSP has never been known as much of a striker, despite his time training with hall of fame boxing trainer Freddie Roach.

There’s no timetable on when GSP will return to action but this certainly speaks to the idea that more and more fighters are seeking out an opponent that will make them the most money, rather than the one that presents the biggest challenge.

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