George Santos Takes Swipe At Taylor Swift Over Potential Biden Endorsement

George Santos is really embracing his villain era.

The disgraced GOP politician was practically baiting backlash as he took to X to take a swipe at the one and only Taylor Swift on Saturday morning.

Sharing a take truly no one wanted, Santos said, “I see @taylorswift13 endorsing @JoeBiden for president. I mean I see how this makes sense since 95% of her songs are about choosing the wrong guy.”

While Swift has yet to vouch for any candidate in 2024, she did pick a winner when she endorsed President Biden in 2020.

Santos seemed wary that the Democrat could triumph again, however.

Predicting how this year’s Biden-Trump election rematch will pan out, he added, “I guess we can all expect a Taylor Swift revenge song on Biden in 2025...”

Santos’ glib gibe about Swift’s love life didn’t exactly land.

Some thought it was rich how Santos, who was ousted from the House in December amid claims of corruption, was questioning someone else’s judgement.

Others joked about his fondness for fabricating the truth while more wondered why he would make such a cloyingly cliché comment.

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