George R.R. Martin Says ‘Anti-Fans’ Rule Social Media and ‘Dance on the Graves’ of Movies That Flop: ‘It Used to Be Fun Talking About Our Favorite Films’

George R.R. Martin wrote a bleak new post on his personal blog in which he shared that he had no interest reflecting on the last year because it was such a nightmare. From war in Ukraine and Gaza to hate rising across America, Martin wrote that it’s ugly to experience the news and even talk about it with people since “the era of rational discourse seems to have ended.”

“I found I had no appetite for living through any of that again,” Martin wrote. “2023 was a nightmare of a year, for the world and the nation and for me and mine, both professionally and personally. I am very glad that it is over.”

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Martin added that he tried to “take solace where I can…In chocolate thrones, if nowhere else. In books.   In films and television shows… though even there, toxicity is growing.”

“It used to be fun talking about our favorite books and films, and having spirited debates with fans who saw things different,” Martin continued. “But somehow in this age of social media, it is no longer enough to say. ‘I did not like book X or film Y, and here’s why.’ Now social media is ruled by anti-fans who would rather talk about the stuff they hate than the stuff they love, and delight in dancing on the graves of anyone whose film has flopped…It is all so sad.”

Martin knows a thing or two about contending with “anti-fans” on social media given the extreme backlash that met the final season of HBO’s “Game of Thrones,” which is based off his ongoing book series. The author is also involved in the prequel series “House of the Dragon,” confirming in December that he got to screen the first two episodes of the upcoming new season.

“I am hardly objective when talking about anything based on my own work… but I have to say, I thought both episodes were just great,” Martin wrote to his fans at the time. “Dark, mind you. Very dark. They may make you cry. (I did not cry myself, but one of my friends did.) Powerful, emotional, gut-wrenching, heart rending. Just the sort of thing I like. (What can I say? I was weaned on Shakespeare, and love the tragedies and history plays best of all).”

“House of the Dragon” Season 2 is expected to launch this summer. Read Martin’s full latest blog post here.

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