George Conway Says He's 'Ashamed' He Once Supported Donald Trump

George Conway said he was ashamed he ever supported Donald Trump after a C-SPAN caller attacked his views on the former president.

During an appearance on C-SPAN’s “Washington Journal” on Tuesday, the prominent conservative attorney and Trump critic responded to a caller from Florida who accused him of pushing “left-leaning political lies” and being “fooled by Trump.”

“Why did you put yourself out forward? Is it just to get attention? Is that why Kellyanne is divorcing you?” the caller asked, referring to Kellyanne Conway, who served as a senior White House counselor in the Trump administration. (The Conways announced in March they were finalizing an “amicable” divorce).

George Conway declined to weigh in on the “personal stuff,” but expressed his regret for backing Trump in a lengthy reply.

“I don’t like corrupt politicians. I don’t like liars. That’s what this is about. And yes, I was confused by Donald. I am ashamed that I supported him in 2016. It was a mistake of judgment. It was a mistake of moral judgment. It was an intellectual mistake,” he said. “And I want to make amends for that.”

Conway urged people “who know better in the Republican Party” to speak up about Trump or to acknowledge that they were wrong.

“They know that he’s a danger, they’re just too afraid to speak out. Or they’re too afraid to admit error,” he said.

“They supported him because he gave the finger, if you will, to people they didn’t like and then they ... convinced themselves that he was smart, which he isn’t. They convinced himself that he was competent, which he isn’t. They convinced himself that he is moral, which he isn’t,” he added.

Conway voted for Trump in 2016, but became an outspoken detractor during Trump’s presidency. He often provides critical media analysis about Trump’s legal predicaments, which include four criminal indictments, and warns about the threat Trump poses to democracy.

H/T Mediaite