George Burcar's 49-Year Love Affair with His Rare 1970 AMC AMX

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It's a rare collectible.

George Burcar, a devoted muscle car enthusiast, has cherished his 1970 American Motors AMC AMX for an impressive 49 years, a journey highlighted in Lou Costabile's YouTube series, My Car Story. Burcar's high school sweetheart, a Big Bad Blue AMC AMX, stands as a testament to his dedication and passion for American muscle cars, particularly the less mainstream AMC brand.

This particular AMC AMX, one of only 114 cars painted in the striking Big Bad Blue in 1970, is a fine specimen featuring the sought-after Go Package, which includes a larger engine and several performance enhancements. The car's two-seater design and V8 engine made it a fierce competitor to the likes of the Corvette, appealing to the youth market of its era.

Burcar's journey with the AMC AMX began in 1974, and since then, he has gone to great lengths to restore and maintain the car to a condition that surpasses its original showroom glory. The challenges of finding parts for such a rare vehicle are significant, given the scarcity and high costs associated with AMC models.

Lou Costabile encountered George and his prized AMX at an American Motors car show in the suburbs of Detroit, where the unique charm and appeal of this 1970 model were on full display. From the silver stripes accenting its black grille to its distinct design, Burcar's AMC AMX is not just a car but a piece of automotive history, lovingly preserved and passionately showcased.

In a market dominated by big names, George Burcar's 1970 AMC AMX stands out as a symbol of dedication and love for a brand that, while not as commercially successful as its competitors, still holds a special place in the hearts of muscle car enthusiasts. His nearly five-decade-long journey with the AMC AMX is a remarkable story of automotive devotion and the enduring appeal of American muscle cars.

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