George and Amal Clooney’s New Baby Boy Has George’s Nose, Says Grandpa Nick

George Clooney’s dad, Nick, is one proud and super-happy grandpa. Yesterday, George and Amal welcomed twins Ella and Alexander, and we just got news from Grandpa Nick that the babies are gorgeous.

Two hours after the twins were born, Nick Clooney and his wife, Nina Warren, Skyped with the new family of four, who were in London. In a phone interview with Tricia Macke of Fox19 Now, Nick couldn’t help but gush over the twins.

He said, “They are gorgeous. Nina swears they have George’s nose. … Not both of them; one of them. The little boy looked like he had his nose — his little profile.”

Clooney also said that he thinks the names Ella and Alexander sound terrific. And since we don’t have any official photos of the twins floating around just yet, the new grandfather told everyone that the babies are brunettes, just like their parents.

Speaking of the parents, Nick also gave us an update on how Amal and George are doing. He said, “Amal, who is superwoman, she is just amazing. … She’s great. George — his eyes were glazed, so I’m not sure he was sober. We’ll figure that out. Now, that’s a joke.”

Nick confessed that he and George’s mom didn’t think George would ever become a father. But they are over the moon about the additions to their family.

He said, “Nina and I, both at different moments — we weren’t sure it would ever happen… When we met Amal, we got that figured out in a hurry. Just as I [did], George married up. I did, and so did he.”

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