‘The Gentlemen’ Cast and Character Guide: Who’s Who in Guy Ritchie’s Netflix Series?

When a family patriarch dies, it’s common to find out that the family estate has long been home to a weed empire…right? Well, that’s the case for Eddie Horniman in “The Gentlemen.”

Written and directed by Guy Ritchie, the new series streaming on Netflix follows Eddie (Theo James) as he discovers some hidden truths about his family estate after he inherits it from his father. How exactly he plans to handle it is anyone’s guess, but if the people running the operation have any say, he definitely won’t be selling the house.

There are quite a few familiar faces in this series, so let’s run them down. Here’s who’s who in “The Gentlemen.”

Theo James at White Lotus Season 2 premiere (HBO) The Gentlemen
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Eddie Horniman (Theo James) — Eddie Horniman is the second-born son of his family, but to his — and everyone else’s — surprise, he inherits his family estate. Eddie’s played by Theo James, who fans will most recently recognize from season 2 of “The White Lotus.” But he rose to fame after starring as Four in “Divergent.”

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Susie Glass (Kaya Scodelario) — Susie Glass is a mysterious figure who shows up to inform Eddie that his father rented out the family home to a drug operation. She’s played by Kaya Scodelario, who looks an awful lot like Riley Keough, but is not the same person. You’ll recognize Scodelario from the final “Pirates of the Caribbean” film, “Skins,” “Crawl” and the “Maze Runner” trilogy.

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Freddie Horniman (Daniel Ings) — Freddie is Eddie’s older, more uh, legally troubled brother, and he’s played by Daniel Ings. Ings previously starred in several episodes of “Sex Education” and “The Crown,” and most recently played a character called Ty-Rone in “The Marvels.”

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Geoff Seacombe (Vinnie Jones) — Any rich family on TV is going to have a butler, and in this case, he’s played by Vinnie Jones. Jones has been in a lot over the years, but millennials will most recognize him as the soccer coach in “She’s the Man.” Jones also starred in “Galavant” and “X-Men: The Last Stand,” and Ritchies’ films “Snatch” and “Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.”

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Lady Sabrina (Joely Richardson) — Finally, there’s Lady Sabrina, played by Joely Richardson. The actress starred in “The Patriot,” Ryan Murphy’s FX series “Nip/Tuck” and played Anita in Disney’s live-action “101 Dalmatians.” Most recently, she appeared in episodes of “One Day” and “The Sandman.”

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